Electrical Services

Pacific Technical Resources provides experienced personnel to support your Electrical Equipment and System Start-Up, Acceptance Testing and Maintenance needs.

Startup/Acceptance Testing

Acceptance testing is one of the primary factors in prolonging the life of your electrical equipment. We will perform and document all required and requested tests on the following equipment in your substation and/or power generation facility:

  • Protective Relays Calibration/Testing
  • Low, Medium & High Voltage Circuit Breakers
  • High Potential Testing
  • Power factor Testing
  • Switchgear Testing
  • SCADA Equipment
  • Disconnects
  • Transformers

Maintenance and Repair

Pacific Technical Resources offers ongoing testing services that can actually extend the life of your system. Based on baseline values gathered during Acceptance Testing, we can develop a program of preventive maintenance that is superior to other conventional services.

  • Ground Fault Systems Testing
  • Standby Generation System Testing
  • Low and Medium-Voltage circuit breakers
  • Switchgear
  • Substation Equipment Testing
  • Electrical Breaker Repair in our Breaker Shop