Project Experience

Installation of twenty-four Micro Turbines, Avalon, Catalina (Southern California Edison)

Pacific Technical Resources, Inc. working as an electrical contractor for a local civil contractor; PTR was responsible for all electrical construction, installation and testing for the newly installed Micro-Turbine station. This project was completed from the ground up which included installation of the grounding grid, underground conduits, installation of switchgear, PLC building and controls, Micro-Turbines, transformers, cable tray, lighting, cathodic protection, heat trace, protection relays and all instrumentation. This project was valued at over 3 million dollars and was completed on time.
This plant is currently in operation at Catalina Island and provides power for the island and city of Avalon.

Big Creek Powerhouse #3 Upgrade, Big Creek California (Southern California Edison)

Working as the general contractor, Pacific Technical Resources, Inc. performed the following work scope items to upgrade Big Creek Powerhouse #3 for Southern California Edison. This project consisted of the installation of two new station service transformers and associated 13.2kv switchgear, temporary power, installation of cable trays, power cables and grounding, modifications to relay racks and auxiliary panel’s throughout the plant, also including new PLC racks and protection relays, as well as, demolition of existing 12kv substation and overhead wiring. This project was valued at 1.6 million dollars.

Pebbly Beach Automation Project (city state) (Southern California Edison)

Working as an electrical contractor, Pacific Technical Resources, Inc. began work on the Automation project at the Edison Pebbly Beach generating station. This project included the upgrade and controls for seven diesel generating units which provide power to the island of Catalina. Which consist of the following:

  • Install Main Control Board (MCB) and Protection Board (total of 20 racks),
  • Install Automation Server rack,
  • Install seven PLC Panels (Unit 7 PLC, Unit 8 PLC, Unit 10 PLC, Unit 12 PLC, Unit 14 PLC, Unit 15 PLC, and Balance-of-Plant PLC),
  • Install six Governor/Excitation Control Panels (X07, X08, X10, X12, X14, and X15),
  • Install one DC Power Distribution Panel and associated Battery Chargers,
  • Install new cable tray, conduit and raceway,
  • Install and terminate new control, instrumentation and network data cables,
  • Install and terminate new 120 Volt AC power circuit cables,
  • Install new instrumentation and control devices in the six existing Diesel Units in other areas of the Pebbly Beach Plant,
  • Make modifications to existing Diesel Engine Control Panels (Z07, Z08, Z10, Z12, Z14, Z15),
  • Relocate existing Digital Fault Recorder,
  • Relocate existing Water SCADA Equipment Rack,
  • Relocate existing Propane Gas System and Desalination System Panel (X21),
  • Relocate existing Propone Gas Chromatograph system,
  • Install new 2.4kv switchyard bus potential transformers.

Backup Power Supply for Southern California Edison (Cities)

This project consisted of providing alternative power supply for Southern California Edison’s Peaker units, which consist of underground conduits, vaults and large power cable. The project was conducted within various jurisdictions including cities, counties, and railroad right of way which required coordination between conflicting interested parties, permitting, inspections and traffic control. This project required extensive underground conduit and cable pulls of over 1500 feet of parallel feeds of 12kv lines across streets and adjacent to railways. This project was completed on time, and Pacific Technical Resources, Inc. acted as a subcontractor.

Various Projects for NRG

Pacific Technical Resources, Inc. has been providing support to NRG for over 15 years. Our projects have been all encompassing and include the following:

10 years of Master Service Agreement Contracts (MSA), with reduced rates, guaranteed response times and resources. This MSA encompasses all west coast assets for NRG, with lock rates for up to 5 years, key performance indicators and performance grading feedback forms.

Burner Management Upgrades Units 1&2 at Ormond Beach Generating Station: This project consisted of complete replacement of the Burner Management System for the Ormond Beach boilers and controls. Including all cables, terminations, PLC and programming.

DCS upgrades at Coolwater Generating Station Installation of New DCS to include conduit, cables terminations, loop checks, calibrations and programming.

4160 Cross connect/alternate feeds for Etiwanda and El Segundo Generating Station; we provided engineering to prove a ground fault study, design and installation of cross connect feed from Unit 1 & 2 to Unit 3 & 4.

Emergency Fire Pump Installation for Etiwanda Generating Station. Working with the fire department and county inspectors, PTR installed an electrical emergency backup fire pump consisting of conduit, new switch gears, relays and testing.

Battery Bank change out for Mandalay, and Etiwanda Generating Stations; consisted of battery change outs for multi battery banks and disposal. This also consisted of bypass power, removal and disposal of existing batteries, demolition of existing battery racks. PTR installed new racks, grounding and batteries made all connections and tested batteries for proper voltage and load.